WASHINGTON, DC –  Today, Congressman Rouzer and the United States Coast Guard released the statements below following the announcement that USCGC Diligence will depart Wilmington to Pensacola, Florida as decommission of cutter nears:

“USCGC Diligence has a long history of serving many important missions since she was commissioned 54 years ago – 27 years of which she called the Port City ‘home,’ said Congressman David Rouzer.  “As one of the oldest ships in her fleet, Diligence is reaching the end of her service life and therefore will head to Pensacola, Florida in 2020 with other cutters to ultimately be decommissioned.  On behalf of our entire community, I am grateful for her service to Southeastern North Carolina and appreciate the Coast Guard’s continued presence and steadfast commitment to our area, including the $6.7 million repair to the bulkhead which is essential to the City of Wilmington's plan to revitalize the waterfront.” 

“Coast Guard Cutter Diligence has been a part of the Wilmington community for over 25 years,” said Lieutenant Commander Scott McBride of U.S. Coast Guard Public Affairs.  “While no cutters are scheduled to replace Diligence in its current location, we will continue to have a strong relationship with Wilmington for many years to come.  Wilmington will remain a designated Coast Guard City, and home to Coast Guard Sector North Carolina.  Diligence is over 50 years old and will be decommissioned in the coming years. Diligence’s move prepares the Service to welcome its newest ships, the Offshore Patrol Cutter. The new Offshore Patrol Cutters are 360 feet in length and unfortunately the cutters cannot be maintained at the existing facilities in downtown Wilmington.