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More can and should be done to improve the care and lives of our veterans who have so nobly served this country – from improving access to quality healthcare to expanding education and work opportunities.  They have made so many sacrifices, often times leaving behind friends and family to protect our country.

The need for Congress to rein in out-of-control Washington spending is a top priority, but we must ensure any changes to federal spending protect the programs on which our servicemembers, retirees, and veterans rely.  

As a member of Congress, I evaluate every bill related to veteran benefits carefully because I believe our servicemembers and veterans deserve our utmost support for their service to this country, particularly those who are disabled due to their service.  Millions of American veterans live today with a service-connected disability, and we owe it to them to ensure they receive the benefits they deserve as a result of their service and sacrifice.

I am committed to working hard for the veterans in the 7th Congressional District and their families.  Ensuring my office provides exceptional constituent service to veterans navigating the federal government is extremely important to me.  If I can be of assistance in any way, please contact me.  As a country, it is our obligation and duty to honor and help those who served or were injured while defending our country.