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Rep. Rouzer statement on passage of FY18 budget

Congressman Rouzer released the statement below following the passage of the FY2018 budget:

“For each fiscal year, Congress has an obligation to propose a budget that serves as a blueprint for future spending — one no different in concept than an individual or family budget.  The FY2018 budget resolution passed by the House of Representatives today proposes to balance the federal budget over the next 10 years.  If these proposals were to be made law, it is projected that the annual deficits we currently run would be reduced by $6.5 trillion.  This would be achieved even while increasing national defense spending by more than $70 billion to improve our military readiness in what has become a more and more dangerous world.

This budget proposal is also the first step to achieving the long overdue tax reform necessary to bring trillions of dollars and jobs overseas back to America and provide much-needed tax reform and relief for hardworking families and small businesses.  I look forward to the U.S. Senate taking up this measure so that we can enact meaningful policy changes that put America first.”