President Biden’s Non-Infrastructure Agenda

President Biden and Congressional Democrats continue to promote their $2.3 trillion “infrastructure” initiative.  In reality, their plan includes a laundry list of liberal priorities Democrats are masquerading as infrastructure that will raise taxes, result in the elimination of jobs and weaken the U.S. economy while dramatically increasing the size of the federal government.  

Just $115 billion of the $2.3 trillion in spending in the so-called infrastructure bill is for building or improving roads, highways, bridges and other traditional public works, while only $42 billion is for airways, waterways, and ports.  The Biden proposal:

  • Spends $400 billion to help big labor by expanding Medicaid.
  • Allocates $600 billion to advance Green New Deal-style policies.
  • Gives $174 billion in subsidies for electric vehicles.
  • Gives $213 billion in subsidies for retrofitting homes.
  • Mandates one-size-fits-all environmental regulations, such as
    • 100 percent green energy for federal buildings.
    • $100 billion to “decarbonize” the energy grid by 2035.  Note that similar mandates are already raising energy and home costs in states such as California despite subsidies, especially for working Americans.
  • Fast-tracks $80 billion in new subsidies for Amtrak and its unions (Congress already provided billions in aid to Amtrak last year).
  • Revokes pro-worker Right to Work protections in 27 states.
  • Raises America’s corporate tax rate higher than communist China.  This would make it less expensive for companies to do business in China than if they stay on American soil.
  • Less than six percent of the entire bill is traditional transportation infrastructure projects such as bridges, highways, and roads.  The vast majority of the taxpayer money in this bill would go to fund Democrats’ radical energy and social justice initiatives.

Alarming New Information on the Border Crisis

As the Biden Administration claims that the overwhelming surge of illegal border crossings is “cyclical” or “seasonal,” new data suggests otherwise.  U.S. Customs and Border Protection encountered the highest number of migrants recorded in the month of March at the southern border in more than 20 years.  Here are some of the most alarming statistics:

  • 172,331 migrants have been encountered along the southwest border.
    • 71% increase from February
    • 400% increase compared to March 2020
  • 173% increase in family units from February.
  • 100% increase in unaccompanied children from February.
  • 36% increase in single adults from February.
  • DHS estimates between 18,600-22,000 children could cross the border in April. In May, officials estimate that number will increase roughly between 21,800 and 25,000.

Please take a moment and watch the video below highlighting my colleague Congressman Tom McClintock's visit to the southern border.  Congressman McClintock serves as Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Sub-Committee on Immigration.


There’s no denying that President Biden’s rhetoric and policies have created a full-blown humanitarian and national security crisis at our southern border.  Smugglers are placing young children in significant danger, abandoning them in harsh conditions after smuggling them into the United States.  Gang members and those on the Terrorist Watch List are exploiting President Biden’s policies.  The Biden Administration cannot attempt to conceal or ignore this crisis anymore.  We must re-implement successful policies from the Trump Administration that kept our citizens and country safe.