COVID-19 Update -- September 24, 2020

October 1, 2020 - October 2, 2020

Here are some of the latest updates on COVID-19 in North Carolina:

  • Governor Cooper announced on Tuesday that as long as COVID-19 metrics remain steady, North Carolina will continue to move toward Phase Three.  As of October 2nd, large outdoor venues will be permitted to open at 7% capacity as long as certain safety precautions are in place.  A large entertainment venue is defined as one that can seat over 10,000 people.

  • The Governor has also announced that beginning on October 5thpublic school districts can choose to implement “Plan A” for elementary schools.  Plan A allows schools to re-open at full capacity for in-person instruction as long as safety requirements are met.   

  • As of 9/24/20, there have been 198,189 confirmed COVID-19 cases in North Carolina. 3,356 deaths have been attributed to the virus, and 902 individuals are currently hospitalized due to COVID-19.  Additionally, as of Monday afternoon, an estimated 176,422 individuals are presumed to have recovered from the virus so far.  Visit the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services website for the latest data.

  • Here’s the latest date from N.C.'s Division of Employment Security on unemployment payments made statewide:
    • About 896,200 – or 69% -- were approved for benefits.
    • Another 368,000 were found to be not eligible by DES for benefits.
    • About 2% of claims – fewer than 30,000 total – are still pending resolution.
    • A total of $8,054,201,208 in unemployment payments have been paid out in North Carolina so far.
    • More than 1.293 million individuals have applied for benefits since March 15th.  Of those
    • 7,685 claims were filed yesterday, and about 9,700 were filed on Tuesday.
    • More information is available from NC DES here.

  • Brunswick County Schools has launched a new COVID-19 dashboard that will share information on the virus’ impact on the school system, including:
    • Postive cases at a BCS location identified by the health department.
    • Quarantined as a precaution cases identified by the health department.
    • A total number of cases and total number of cases recovered. 

  • The Johnston County Health Department has announced it will be holding drive-thru COVID-19 testing events at Smithfield Selma High School from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on the following dates:
    • September 29th
    • October 6th
    • October 20th
    • October 27th

For today’s good news story, I’m highlighting the story shared by Tammy Christian, who was vacationing with her family at Kure Beach earlier this week.  Tammy’s 6-year-old son was walking with his mom down the beach and got in the water.  As he was being pushed further and further out to sea, Tammy was unable to reach him and began calling for help when another individual nearby put his own life at risk by rescuing her son from the currents.  She never got his name, but shared her story to let him know how thankful she was.  

As always, stay tuned to and the NC Department of Health and Human Services’ website for the latest on the outbreak.  And please feel free to send good news stories our way to highlight in this newsletter by replying to this e-mail.