WASHINGTON, DC – After hearing from multiple veterans in the 7th District encountering issues with their credit, as a result of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Congressman Rouzer introduced H.R. 5500, the Veterans Credit Protection Act of 2018.  H.R. 5500 seeks to address the VA’s long history of delayed payments to outside service providers, including for emergency medical treatment.

“There are many veterans across the 7th District and our country who have had their credit destroyed, through no fault of their own, as a result of mismanagement and delays at the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Unfortunately, I have discovered that the VA has a long history of either being significantly delinquent on paying medical bills or —even worse — not paying outside providers at all.  Many times, veterans are forced to call congressional offices to help fix these credit issues.  After hearing from and assisting hundreds of veterans, it became apparent that a legislative solution is necessary to help remedy this inexcusable problem. Passage of this bill would mean that veterans would no longer have to worry that their credit might be ruined due to the VA’s failure to pay their claims.”

H.R. 5500 addresses the backlog of payments, restores faith in the VA, and provides veterans help in rectifying credit or financial damage that has already been done.