Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Rouzer (NC-7) wrote a letter to the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee encouraging them to honor Johnston County native Ava Gardner with a “Forever” postage stamp. 

The Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee is appointed by the Postmaster General and provides expertise on history, science and technology, art, education, sports, and other subjects of public interest.  The committee’s primary goal is to recommend stamp subjects to the Postmaster General, who makes the final decision.

“Ava Gardner is a North Carolina treasure and an international film legend.  Despite her success on the silver screen, Ava never forgot her humble Johnston County roots.  She worked tirelessly to give back to her community and was recognized by the U.S. Armed Forces for her spirit of public service.  I am proud to call Ava Gardner a fellow North Carolinian and hope to see her memory honored with a “Forever” stamp - just as it should be.”   

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