Congressman David Rouzer (NC-07) today voiced his opposition to H. Res. 755, House Democrats’ articles of impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Congressman Rouzer spoke on the House floor during debate of the impeachment articles earlier today. Below are a video of his floor speech, as well as the text of his remarks as prepared for delivery.


Rep. Rouzer’s Remarks as Prepared for Delivery:

“Mr. Speaker, the Washington Post headlined a story immediately following President Trump taking the oath of office, stating: ‘The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.’ How accurate they were.

“Here we are, almost three years later, and what we are witnessing today is unprecedented in American history. A very partisan-based impeachment, with no facts that warrant it. This is an impeachment based on hearsay and speculation, rooted in a deep-seated hatred for a man many of my colleagues on the other side detest. Not all, but many.

“Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that personal disdain is grounds for impeachment.

“At every turn, the claims made by my Democrat colleagues have turned out to be false.

“Early on, it was claimed there was evidence of Russian collusion. There was none. 

“We were told the FBI didn’t abuse the FISA process in its investigation of the Trump campaign. That, too, has now been proven completely false. 

“Then when the Russian collusion hoax collapsed, we were told that we would hear from a ‘whistleblower’ that had details of a nefarious call between the President and the President of Ukraine. Then we find out they weren’t even on the call. We still don’t know who the ‘whistleblower’ is.

“We were told there was clear evidence of a ‘quid pro quo’ for personal gain. After reading the transcript, it is obvious that you would have to make assumptions that wouldn’t even stand up in traffic court to come to that conclusion. 

“Instead, the indisputable facts of record destroy their case. And though they allege treason and bribery by the President, the articles we are considering today make only vague accusations of ‘abuse of power’ and ‘obstruction of Congress’ – because they found no evidence of treason or bribery…or anything else, for that matter.

“Mr. Speaker, today is a very sad day for our republic. The country is now more divided than it ever has been in my lifetime. The truth has been trampled by this House of Representatives, and because of the abuses at the FBI and the Department of Justice more Americans have an even dimmer view of very important American institutions. 

“Thankfully the lens of history will ensure that the truth is told, and will endure.”