Washington, D.C. – This week, with the support of Congressman David Rouzer, the House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution to condemn the mass atrocities of ISIS against Christians, Yezidis and other minority groups displacing more than half a million and ruthlessly murdering thousands of men, women and children who will not align themselves with it’s cause.

“This administration can turn a blind eye all they want, but the fact of the matter is ISIS targets Christians, Yezidis and other ethnic and religious minorities brutally murdering them all.  Without questions these heinous acts are genocide, and we should call it what it is.  The world needs to know that the U.S. Congress and the American people condemn these atrocious acts of brutality and murder by ISIS.”

The resolution passed the House with a unanimous vote of 383-0.  The resolution was voted on ahead of a congressionally mandated deadline of March 17 for Secretary of State John Kerry and the White House to make a final decision on whether ISIS is perpetrating genocide.