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Rouzer Announces New Funding for Boiling Spring Lakes Dam Restoration Project

  • Washington, DC Office

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman David Rouzer (NC-07) today announced the City of Boiling Spring Lakes has been awarded federal grant funding under the Defense Community Infrastructure Pilot Program (DCIP), included in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2021, to restore four dams damaged by Hurricane Florence in 2018.

"Four years ago, Hurricane Florence devastated Boiling Spring Lakes and destroyed the city's dams causing the lakes to dry up.  The lakes bring people together and enhance the local community, and residents have suffered greatly due to the damage done.

"After years of hard work, I'm pleased to announced Boiling Spring Lakes will receive this grant investment to help move the dam restoration project forward while easing the burden on local taxpayers.  This funding, which is possible because of a new 10-year pilot grant program created by the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act and funded through recent Congressional appropriations, is a big win for the Boiling Spring Lakes community.  The dam restoration projects will revitalize the community, restore the local economy, and strengthen resilience against future disasters," said Rep. Rouzer.

Since visiting Boiling Spring Lakes just a few short days after the disastrous landfall of Hurricane Florence, Rouzer has worked with local officials, FEMA, the Department of Transportation, the North Carolina Dam Safety program, and USDA to secure funding necessary to fix the Boiling Spring Lakes dam.  Today's announcement builds on years of work to secure funding to repair and rebuild the dam system.

In July, Rouzer sent a letter to the Office of Local Government Defense Community Cooperation within the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) in support of the City of Boiling Spring Lakes grant application.

"It is with great honor to say thank you to the Department of Defense for the DCIP grant. Many thanks to Representative Rouzer, Senator Tillis, Representative Miller, Senator Rabon and their team's for the support of our City and the goal to rebuild our dams. Our board, staff, and grants committee worked together for a common goal to give our resident's the quality of life they deserve. It was truly a team effort," said Boiling Spring Lakes Mayor Jeff Winecoff.