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Our nation’s commitment to free market principles and ingenuity over heavy-handed government policies are the reason the U.S. economy is the largest and best in the world.  It’s also the reason for our high standard of living and quality of life in this country. 

Unfortunately, major expansions of the welfare state, needlessly extended pandemic policies incentivizing many to stay out of the workforce, and the Biden Administration’s excessive domestic spending as well as their war on American fossil fuel production have made inflation far worse than it otherwise would be. 

To preserve the American Dream and retain our standing as the world’s number one economy, Congress must incentivize work and promote policies that incentivize investment.  We must put the brakes on the Biden Administration’s cradle to grave entitlement spending and prioritize solutions to help with the global supply chain problems.  Congress must ensure federal government polices help improve – not hinder – economic growth in North Carolina and across the country.