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Rouzer Honors National Lineman Appreciation Day with Bipartisan Congressional Resolution

  • Washington, DC Office

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Congressman David Rouzer (NC-07) introduced a bipartisan resolution to designate April 18, 2024, as National Lineman Appreciation Day and recognize the more than 115,000 hardworking men and women maintaining America’s electrical infrastructure.

"When natural disasters hit Southeastern North Carolina, it’s the brave lineworkers who operate in dangerous conditions to safely restore power and build our communities back as quickly as possible," said Congressman Rouzer.  "These hard-working men and women deserve our thanks for navigating any obstacle with skill and determination to keep the lights on in communities across the country."

Cosponsored by twenty-six Members of Congress, the resolution highlights the critical work done by linemen to keep the public safe and protect our nation's power supply every day since the first transmission line was constructed in 1889.

Electrical linemen work atop powerlines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ensuring Americans can turn on their lights, run their businesses, and connect with loved ones.  They are not only installing new and replacing old powerlines, but our nation’s linemen serve as frontline responders to natural disasters, reconnecting Americans in the wake of storms, fires, floods.  During Hurricane Florence in 2018, more than 40,000 linemen mobilized to restore power to communities in Southeastern North Carolina.

“Lineworkers are skilled professionals who rise to the challenge to perform difficult and dangerous work, at times in grueling conditions for long hours, all while adhering to strict safety protocols,” said ElectriCities of North Carolina CEO, Roy Jones.“Lineworkers prioritize the needs of their neighbors above their own to keep the lights on in the communities they serve. They are true hometown heroes, and I am proud to support this resolution and all efforts to recognize and celebrate the expertise, determination, and commitment lineworkers display every day.”

"We appreciate Congressman Rouzer's leadership on energy issues in Congress and his consistent recognition of the important role lineworkers play in the safe and efficient delivery of power across the country,” said Scott Batson, Duke Energy’s chief power grid officer. “Duke Energy is honored to employ more than 12,000 Duke Energy and contract lineworkers and technicians dedicated to not only the maintenance and repair of an essential component of the energy grid, but also public safety and community service in their communities - and other communities - when storms call them away from home."

"Since 2012 to today the US Congress has honored the nation’s Linemen with a day of recognition and appreciation.  The US Senate in 2013 followed with a unanimous approval of National Lineman’s Appreciation Day, placing April 18th on the national calendar. April 18th originated as a day to honor linemen and the selfless dedication to the public and our nation’s electrical infrastructure. This day of recognition has occurred for 12 years, and the next step should be designating linemen as First Responders with the benefits that this title enjoys." Karen Bosch, Managing Director for National Association of Journeymen Linemen and Bill Bosch, Northwest Lineman College (Founders of National Lineman's Appreciation Day)

This resolution supports the designation of April 18 as National Lineman Appreciation Day, recognizing the efforts and courage of linemen in keeping the power on and protecting public safety; the remarkable contributions to the approximately 155 million electricity customers in America; the personal, family, and professional tradition of the trade; and the lineman’s role as a first responder following natural disasters.

The full text of the resolution can be found here.