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The anti-American energy policies of the left have increased the United States’ dependency on foreign adversaries like Russia and Iran for our energy supply.  These failed policies are among the key reasons why American families are seeing an increase in gas prices at home.  The U.S. has enough energy to meet demand at home and support allies abroad.  Under President Trump, we became a net total energy exporter, which made America more prosperous at home and stronger abroad with greater geopolitical leverage over our adversaries including Russia, China, and Iran.

I support an “all of the above” approach to energy production and usage in this country.  I will continuously advocate and vote to increase domestic production so we have affordable energy that is produced in America, so we are not reliant upon others.  That’s why I’m a member of the House Energy Action Team (HEAT).  Every natural resource we have should be on the table.  Energy abundance is not only necessary for prosperity but is key to our national security.  

North Carolina has the potential to be a major player and leader in offshore wind development placed miles off the coast.  In addition to energy production, offshore wind provides a great opportunity to put in place a revenue-sharing program that will ensure our infrastructure needs can be met, including roads, bridges, water, sewer, nourished beaches, clear and clean rivers, and maintaining our inlets and waterways.