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Rouzer Visits Southern Border Alongside House Republican Delegation

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Yesterday, Congressman David Rouzer (NC-07) and a delegation of House Republicans visited the southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas to witness firsthand the magnitude of President Biden's border catastrophe and humanitarian crisis.


Rouzer visited a Border Patrol processing facility, participated in a ride along with Border Patrol agents, received a briefing from Border Patrol agents regarding the Remain in Mexico policy, drug apprehensions, and cargo inspections, and participated in a roundtable with local business leaders, ranching stakeholders, and residents about life on the border.


"Rather than enforcing our laws, President Biden’s open-border policies are incentivizing illegal immigration and creating a crisis that is growing worse by the day at our southern border," said Rep. Rouzer.  "This week, I witnessed firsthand the severity of his catastrophic policies — rampant drug smuggling, tragic drownings, terrorist apprehensions, and devastation.  It's past time this inhumane disaster is acknowledged by the administration and they reverse their policies enabling and enriching the drug cartels.


"Thank you to our brave law enforcement officials and Border Patrol agents who are working tirelessly under such difficult circumstances to save lives and protect Americans – and doing so, I might add, without the resources and support from the Biden Administration they desperately need."