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Rouzer Statement on POTUS Address on Border Security

Congressman David Rouzer released the statement below following the President’s address to the nation regarding border security:

“Terrorists and others who wish us harm are attacking our border and trying to penetrate this country in multiple ways.  Thousands are being apprehended at our southern border, but there are many others who escape detection.  It only took 19 terrorists to carry out the atrocities on 9/11 — even one illegal entry by a terrorist is bad.  

During the course of the past few years, our nation has experienced an influx of very dangerous individuals with criminal records and many on the terrorist watch list, an increase in human trafficking, and a lethal spike in drug trafficking.  This affects us all.  Just in North Carolina, the heroin and fentanyl being smuggled across the border are taking the lives of our family members, friends, and neighbors.  This is all part of the crisis. 

For these reasons, any spending deal must include funding for border security.  I applaud President Trump and his commitment to securing our borders and standing firm until it is done.  I urge my Democrat colleagues to come to the table and work towards a bipartisan agreement that will properly fund border security and those portions of the government that are affected by the shutdown.”