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Rouzer announces NC-07 Art Competition winner, student at Hoggard High

Today, Congressman Rouzer announced Anna Lawrence, a senior of John T. Hoggard High School, the winner of the NC-07 Art Competition.  Lawrence’s entry, entitled “Venus Flytrap Garden,” is a depiction of a cluster of venus flytraps growing from mossy soil using the medium of colored pencil.  Lawrence’s artwork demonstrated and reflected this year’s Art Competition theme, “What I Love Most About North Carolina.”

“It is an honor to announce Hoggard High School’s Anna Lawrence as the winner of the 2018 Art Competition,” said Rep. David Rouzer. “Anna’s artistic talent is inspiring and she is well-deserving of this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Her winning artwork will be displayed on the wall of the tunnel between the Cannon House Office Building and the Capitol.  Hers is a great representation of the exceptional talent of our young people and the great natural beauty of North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District for every visitor, staffer, and Member of Congress to see.”

Winners are presented with two round trip tickets to Washington, D.C. to visit the nation’s capital and attend an exclusive reception inside the U.S. Capitol honoring the country’s winners courtesy of Southwest Airlines.  Lawrence’s art will be showcased for eleven months in the Capitol tunnel, which is walked by thousands of visitors from across the country. 

This year’s NC-07 Art Competition theme was, “What I Love About North Carolina.”

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Anna Lawrence’s winning entry, “Venus Flytrap Garden”