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Health Care

Every American deserves access to high quality, affordable healthcare.  Thousands of families across our nation – and especially in the 7th Congressional District which includes rural Southeastern North Carolina – are affected by access to affordable healthcare.  In order to tackle these challenges, Congress must enact reforms that lower costs, improve quality, and strengthen accessibility.

There are many flaws with our current healthcare system, including access to care and increasing prescription drug costs.  Congress must continue to have extensive discussion and debate on the best plan for reforming our healthcare system.  The American people deserve a solution, and we must create a framework for competition and transparency that will foster a healthcare system that provides the very best care at the lowest possible price.

As a co-founder of the Congressional Primary Care Caucus, I believe in the importance of preventative and primary care as a way to improve patient outcomes and curtail the cost of care in the future.  I am also a proud advocate of robust funding for Community Health Centers, which provide high quality, cost effective primary care to underserved communities.

Additionally, the Coronavirus pandemic has shown us that if we don’t protect our right to make our own healthcare decisions, government agencies and large private sector entities will take them from us.  We must remove government bureaucrats from healthcare decisions and protect our healthcare freedom.  Your healthcare should be determined by you and your doctor(s) — not a government bureaucrat.