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America is a country governed by the rule of law. Unfortunately, illegal immigration is an enormous problem.  Without question our immigration system needs to be reformed.  I strongly advocate for increased border security, including a border wall, and for our legal immigration process to be respected and followed.  I oppose executive amnesty and sanctuary cities.  Securing our border is a matter of national security; our broken immigration system jeopardizes our country’s safety.  A secure border is incumbent on a chief executive who cares to enforce the law.  The Executive Branch has a constitutional obligation to execute and enforce the law.  The Biden Administration has chosen to ignore this obligation unfortunately, and therefore has incentivized more illegal immigration.  They must reverse their stance and put back in place the Trump Administration’s policies that worked so well to enforce the law.

Due to ongoing workforce shortages, which have always been particularly acute in agriculture, supporting legal guest worker programs like the H-2A and H-2B programs are important to protecting the ability of American farm families to continue the production of food, fuel, and fiber for our nation.  We must improve these programs so that agricultural and plant nursery producers can get the workers they need when they need them.