Today, Democrats in the House of Representatives jammed through passage of H.R. 7120, an overhaul of police departments and law enforcement nationwide drafted behind closed doors prohibiting any involvement from Republican lawmakers.  The legislation, approved without any opportunity for Republican lawmakers to amend it on the House floor, will not be approved by the Senate and will never be signed into law.

Congressman David Rouzer (NC-07) issued the following statement after today’s vote:

“After the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last month, both Republicans and Democrats have called for common-sense, prudent reforms that would help weed out the few bad actors and improve the training of our law enforcement,” Congressman Rouzer said.  “But instead of working with Republicans to craft a bill that would have strong bipartisan support, Democrats have opted to put politics first.  This bill is driven by partisanship with the hope of making this a campaign issue.  In the meantime, our communities are less safe as more and more in law enforcement seek early retirement and recruitment of new officers becomes harder.” 

Today’s vote in the House follows a partisan vote in the U.S. Senate yesterday, where Democrats voted against even considering or debating police reform legislation authored by Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.).  Congressman Rouzer has co-sponsored House companion legislation to Senator Scott’s bill.  

“In the last 36 hours, Democrats in Congress have proven they don’t want reform.  They want a political talking point they think will help them in November,” Rouzer said.