This is very important for small business owners:  Do not go to the SBA and make an application for a disaster loan.  If you do so you may very well box yourself out of getting the forgivable loan from your local bank or credit union.  No collateral is required.  The link in the bullet above has a lot of good detail on how this program works.  So if you skipped over it, go back and read it. 

For today's "good news" story, I want to highlight the Wilmington Home Depot and Store Manager Stacy Walton for donating 460 masks and 12 respirators with filters to the Wilmington Police Department.  It's just one of the countless businesses across our area that are pitching in and helping those on the front lines of combating this crisis and keeping us safe.

As always, stay tuned to and NC's Department of Health and Human Services website for the latest on the outbreak.