The way things are now, the American people feel like their voices aren’t being heard.  In many respects it is because of the vast number of new rules and regulations that this administration has put in place which have the effect of law, but Congress has no vote on.  Yet these rules and regulations affect almost every aspect of lives.  This is not representative government, and it needs to change.  Earlier this summer, House Republicans unveiled a comprehensive policy platform, entitled “A Better Way.”

“A Better Way” is a choice for our future — a bold, forward-looking agenda that uses ideas from around the country to tackle some of the biggest challenges of our time: jobs and economic growth, health care; tax reform; national security; poverty; and restoring the Constitution.

House Republicans want to restore a Confident America and get us back on track.  Over the next several weeks and months, we’ll be working with you – the American people – in towns and cities all across America, to share our vision for a Confident America.

To discuss this and other issues of concern, I’m inviting you to join me at any one of our “coffees” across the district.  Please find the event details below for the coffee in your area:

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