International travel generally requires a passport with an expiration date at least six months beyond the travel dates.  Travelers who want to apply for a passport must follow the process established by the U.S. Department of State.  Details may be found at http://travel.state/gov.  They recommend applying for a passport at least 6 months before the departure date.

We may be able to help you expedite your passport application in an emergency, report lost passports, and monitor overseas travel restrictions. Please contact our office for assistance with any questions or problems you may have.

Processing Times:

In late June 2021, the US Passport Agency revised their official goals for processing a passport application at  Routine service may take up to 18 weeks.  Paying for expedited service may speed up the process to take 12 weeks.

Congressman Rouzer may be able to request for the Passport Agency to apply special attention to an application if the applicant has a travel date within the 12 week window.  However, they cannot guarantee passport delivery within a specific time frame, even with a Congressional request. 

Passport applicants traveling in response to a life or death emergency may try to make an appointment at one of very few passports centers that can immediately process an application in person.  The closest centers are in Washington DC, Atlanta and Philadelphia.  They do not accept walk-ins, only appointments, which must be scheduled online at  The appointment service is overwhelmed and slots can be very difficult to find.  The Passport Agency is expanding their capacity to respond to growing demand for appointments.  In the interim, applicants must continually use that online appointment system to schedule a time.  If faced with a life or death emergency requiring a passport within 5 days, contact one of Congressman Rouzer’s District offices for guidance.  Click here for contact information. 

Application Process:

Travelers are STRONGLY encouraged to visit a passport acceptance facility to start the application process.  The staff is trained by the State Department to guide travelers to complete the proper form, confirm whether vital documents or a photo are needed and also to verify the payment amount, including the State Department’s expedited handling fee and overnight delivery fee.  The Passport Agency published a list of acceptance facilities on a State Dept website at  Entering a zip code will display the acceptance facilities closest to that area.  If an application is incorrectly completed, it will lengthen the processing time in unpredictable ways.

For Congressman Rouzer to request that they shorten the process even further, applicants with travel plans that cannot be supported by the timeline should contact one of our district offices for guidance. 

Applicants may monitor passport application status online at:  The State Department will update the website when they’ve received the application and entered it into the Passport Agency’s processing system.  When the passport is done, the website will also display the tracking number used on the package to ship the passport to the applicant.

Applicants are warned NOT to submit a second application unless instructed by Passport Agency staff.