e giving by providing a real tax incentive;
  •       Helping families plan for retirement by reforming savings provisions;
  •       Stopping the over-taxation of “Made in America” products; and,
  •       Repealing the death tax so that the loss of a family member doesn’t mean the federal government also gets to essentially steal your inheritance.
  • “A Better Way for Tax Reform” makes it easier to create jobs, raise wages and expand opportunities for all Americans by:

    •       Cutting taxes on all small businesses by creating a separate, low tax rate of 25%;
    •       Allowing families and individuals to deduct 50% of the dividends, capital gains and interest received from stocks and mutual funds;
    •       Lowering the corporate tax rate from 35%, the highest in the industrialized world, to 20%; and,
    •       Eliminating the death tax.

    “A Better Way for Tax Reform” requires a simpler, fairer IRS with the sole mission of putting American taxpayers first by:

    •      Restructuring the IRS around three major units: one for individuals and families, one for businesses of all sizes, and one that provides an independent “small claims court” approach to resolving routine disputes quickly;
    •      Installing a new commissioner, subject to two 3 year term limits, who will be required to administer the new tax code;
    •      Cutting down on IRS intimidating by creating an Office of Dispute Resolution to serve as an independent arbiter to protect the rights of American taxpayers;
    •      Cleaning out the bureaucracy by doing away with all the rules, regulations, forms and instructions; and,
    •      Modernizing information systems so that taxpayers have access to the resources they need when they need them.

    Learn even more at www.better.gop